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Sponsorship & Exhibits 

Exhibitors and sponsors play such a critical role in the success of your event and your budget, but coordinating the many details of exhibition sales, recruiting sponsors, managing service contractors and logistics – can be overwhelming and time consuming. That's where we can lighten your load.

Income from sponsors and exhibitors is essential with the increasing demands on higher ROI and exceptional service. We research and observe industry practices to better understand what exhibitors and sponsors want from their participation and how they measure success. We develop and implement sales strategies to grow existing customer relationships.

We fulfill your exhibitors’ and sponsor deliverables from sales to floor logistics. We ensure that commitments made during the sales process are carried through at the conference and on the show floor. Our measure of success centers on re-signing an exhibitor or sponsor year after year, so like you, we are highly vested in delivering exceptional service.

For clients who prefer to handle exhibition and sponsorship sales in-house, we can support your sales efforts, so that you can fully focus on building relationships and revenues. We can provide administrative support to exhibition and sponsorship fulfillment services, freeing your team to sell more.

We will work with you to design a custom exhibition and sponsorship program that fits your specific needs, schedule, and budget. To learn how we can help you achieve outstanding results, contact us today

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