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Event Marketing 

Event marketing can make or break your conference or event. CanPlan will help you leverage social media as well as traditional marketing strategies to draw participants to your events. We’ll take the pressure off your team, by developing and implementing a detailed and effective marketing and social media strategy.

‘If you plan it they will come’ isn’t true in the conference and events industry. You need an effective strategy to market your events to ensure your event has the attendance you projected. Implementing strong marketing tools will improve the presence of your event, attract the participation you need and in turn, attract quality sponsors and exhibitors.

CanPlan will work with you to develop a detailed marketing and communications outreach plan that fits your budget and focusses on your target markets. Whether your goal is to promote a specific event or to help you generate a content marketing strategy, we’ll help you transform this plan into action – tailoring our support to allow you to take on as much or as little of the marketing process as you’re comfortable with.

We’ll help your event leverage social media to the best effect, assisting you in selecting the most advantageous social media platforms to reach your target market. We can take care of creating content, or train your team to do this in house. We’ll also help you leverage other marketing platforms, including SEO and content marketing, email campaigns, and more traditional strategies including print advertising and media promotion.

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